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Shared car seats means a faster, greener and more affordable commute.

What is Carma?


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How does Carma work?


Carma Carpooling enables you to find nearby people going your way so you can share your commute. By logging your trips, you can share the costs of the journey and reduce traffic and emissions in your community.

How much does a Carma Carpool cost?


$0.20 per mile

$0.08 per mile

1 mile

15 Miles

In short, Carma is in most cases cheaper than getting the bus! 85% of all payments go directly to the driver, with 15% going to Carma so we can keep feeding our developers coffee and pizza.

Don’t want to charge for trips? No problem! Drivers can choose to give free trips by adding people to their ‘favorites’ screen in the app.

Topping up is easy - just go to your profile in the app and use your credit card to make secure payments. You can also cash out on credit you have earned any time.

Check Carma out today by downloading for iPhone or Android!

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    Want to get to work more quickly?

    Check out our new video about getting into the carpool lane with Carma!

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    Start a carpooling community

    We can help you start spreading Carma in your very own neighborhood.