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Carma Carpooling allows you to set up trips on the fly or in advance, while automatically sharing the cost of driving
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Your Questions Answered


Decide who to Carmapool with by learning more about people. Just tap on each person's profile. All profiles are verified by email, Facebook or phone number.

Who is Carma?

Through our smartphone app, we help people find each other when they are traveling the same direction and allow riders and drivers to electronically share the cost of commuting.

Star Ratings

Carmapoolers are invited to rate the trips they take with each other. Each person's average star rating is available to view on their profile.


Riders pay $0.20 per mile, and 85% goes straight into the driver’s Carma account. If you prefer not to charge your rider, drivers can check the “Give a Free Ride” box at the end of your carpool trip.

Cash-less Payments

All payments are completed electronically at the end of each Carmapool. Carma Credits can be purchased via PayPal or by credit card.


As a driver you do not make a profit using Carma. So, there is no impact on your auto insurance and no tax implications. It is just the same as if you were driving a friend, family member or neighbor.


Learn more about your Carma matches by sending them a message.


Carma came to the Bay Area in 2012 thanks to a grant from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s Climate Grant Initiative. This is a pilot program to test real-time carpooling technology in conjunction with the Sonoma County Transportation Authority, the Transportation Authority of Marin and the Contra Costa Transportation Authority who applied for the grant.

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