Stranded SF Bay Commuters Airlifted by Helicopter with KGO & Avego

Avego and radio station KGO have teamed up pick up 4 stranded commuters via helicopter daily during the BART strike, and to transport them between San Francisco and the East Bay – far above the traffic chaos below.

In explaining why Avego was involved in launching the helicopter commuting offer, Avego CEO Sean O’Sullivan said, “We were looking for a really visual way for people to understand the difference between being stuck in highway traffic like a turkey and flying by in the HOV lane like an eagle. Be an eagle, not a turkey.”

Winners are required to register trips in the Avego smartphone app and send a text message to KGO 810 when prompted by the on-air anchors.  For more information, see or listen online after 2pm daily on KGO.

“KGO is happy to promote the importance of carpooling to aid the BART strike crisis,” said Ron Escarsaga, Operations Manager KGO Radio. “There are a few simple things people can do to team up and ease the commute. Avego is a great option, even without the helicopter.”

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