But remember, Carmapooling runs every single day


Drivers: receive $25 daily for Carmapooling

Available initially from the Carma Carpooling Hub at the Walnut Creek BART Station.

Drivers: receive $25 daily for Carmapooling

How to Carpool during the BART Strike starting October 18th

Actually, there are three very different but great ways you can carpool during the BART strike. The choice that works best for you depends on where you live.

Carma Carpooling Hubs
The first Carma Carpooling hub will be activated in Walnut Creek on Monday October 21st. More hubs will be activated after Monday, depending on demand.

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Casual Carpools
If you live near a casual carpooling spot in the East Bay, check out our information resource on the casual carpooling spots shown below. Casual carpooling is an excellent solution for those that live nearby.
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Pre-arranged Carpools
If you live in other areas in the Bay Area, download the Carma app (iPhone or Android) to find a carpooler. You can also check out the San Francisco heat map to find other carpoolers to share the ride with.
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How to use Carma Carpooling